SenseFulmeans “Significant”, “Full of meaning” but also “With all the senses”, these are the strengths of the inclusive design proposed by the start up, whose projects aim to involve not only touch, but also smell, view, hearing, to give the users a multisensory emotion.

SenseFul Design is an innovative start-up characterized by the employ of advanced materials and technologies, as nanotechnologies and ICT, for the creation of products with innovative, user friendly performances, with a view to social inclusion as all solutions are not dedicated to disabled users but promote knowledge and culture for all.

SenseFul Design is structured according to an inclusive and participatory process, promoting youth employment, for which many of the products, such as texts, audio in various languages and videos, are realized by non-profit association of disabled people, while the three-dimensional tactile reproductions are realized by students of the Fine Arts academies, with which numerous partnerships have been signed.

SenseFul Design propose design objects and furniture that exploit the innovative properties of advanced materials and the connection to ICT that allows a strong interaction between the object and the user, going towards the themes of “Design for all”.

What we do
SenseFul Design operates into three main fields:

Feel Art

Inclusive design and advanced technologies for museums and cultural heritage

Feel Safe

Advanced health and safety solutions

Feel Urban

Design and sustainable mobility for smart cities.


Feel Art is born with the aim of applying innovative materials and latest generation technologies to offer an experiential, emotional and educational accessibility to cultural heritage.

Feel Art in museums let visitors to physically touch masterpieces, allowing them to have an immersive visit aimed at getting emotionally involved in the knowledge process of cultural heritage.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional reproductions (bas-reliefs, statues) made of innovative antibacterial materials, in scale or in real size.

Apps and dedicated management software to be run on platforms connected to mobile devices via QR code, ibeacon and NFC sensors

Multisensory totems with tactile and olfactory stimuli

Edutainment technologies for young people and adults.

Feel Art, thanks to a special proximity marketing software, offer the chance to collect and analyze visitors flow and their relationship with individual works of art in order to obtain information on the general level of public awareness and appealing of specific points, as well as indications on how to optimize the itinerary of the exhibition and increase the efficiency in personnel management.